Chinese Healthy Diet: Vinegar-Soaked Black Beans

Eating of black beans is a superb dietary method, for black beans are traditional nourishing food. A popular saying attributes frequent consumption of black beans to longevity. Black beans are actually black soy beans. "Supplement to Materia Medica" of Tang Dynasty says "black beans improves eyesight, tranquilizes heart, has warming nourishment, Long-term consumption improve complexion". The medical classic "Compendium of Materia Medica" cites some examples of health preservation by eating black beans, e.g. "Li Shouyu who had 14 beans in the morning daily delayed his aging process". "Tao Hua often consumed boilded salty black beans which tonified his kidneys" etc. In TCM's theory, "Beans are grains of the kidney". Based on TCM's theory that "Five colors go into five internal orgrans", black color is absorbed by kidneys. So frequent consumption of black beans will naturally yield better Kidney-tonifying effect. We often say kidney governs bones and "teeth are the remains of bones". So black beans are good for the teeth.

Eating raw beans leaves too much a beany flavor in mouth. Boiling spiols some of their nutrients while raw beans have full nutrients. Then how to prepare for the black beans?

First, poure 500-gram raw black beans into a basin and wash them clean. Drying them and picking out the impunties. Put them in a well-ventilated location for drying. On a shinny day, half a day would dry these beans. After the black beans have been dried here comes the next key step: put the dried 500-gram beans into a glass jar and then poured into it with Shanxi mature vinegar. Leave a one-five of space for the beans to expand and top it. Then seal the lid. In two months the beans will be edible.

It can be said that mature vinegar is a indispensable necessily in our daily life. A "low-salt and high-vinegar diet" is truly the secret of traditional Chinese healthy diet. The medical classic "Essentials of Materia Medica" claimed vinegar can "dissipate blood stasis and has detoxification effects, improves digestion and elevate appetite". Ancient Chinese had learned that vinegar can enhance digestion and stimulate appetite. When vinegar is permeated into the beans, beans will expand to fill up the whole jar, becomeing full and filled with luster. Raw beans were not only softened in this way, they also produced the flavor of "having been boiled" while retianing the fullest extent of their nutritional values, thus gaining two advantages by a single move.

What we need to remind you is that people with chronic renal disorders failures or renal are not suitable for eating black beans, because contained in them are purine substances which will lead to increased uric acid of patients with renal failures; People with stomach ulcers or acid stomach should not eat this kind of vinegar-soaked black beans. Of course, more importantly, good health cannot be attained solely through eating a certain food.