The Treatment Of Hemoptysis With Chinese Herb

Inside lungs are tracheas. At the bottom of every trachea it divides into two main bronchi. Then the main bronchi divide into many thinner bronchi. What do the bronchi do?  when we breathe inhaled air passes through trachea, main bronchi and then bronchi. Finally the air is sent to the pulmonary alveolus through bronchi in which way lungs are able to extract a greater concentration of oxygen from air and transport oxygen. Meanwhile the carbon dioxide in the blood stream is transported to pulmonary alveolus rhrough bronchi and released into the atmosphere. That's how gas exchange works. Bronchiectasis is a condition in which damage to the bronchi makes them become scarred and swelled. As bronchi are damaged and slowly lose their ability to clear out mucus some of them become flabby and widened. If people cough over and over again this time. Their capillary vessels might be ruptured. That's the cause of hemoptysis. The most serious problem is that the gas exchange will not take place smoothly if bronchiectasis continues. So there will be less oxygen in lungs and chest tighness will occur. The whole health condition will be influenced. This may end up in chronic pulmonary heart disease.

The traditional Chinese medicine considers this kind of hemoptysis is caused by the damage of lungs' collaterals. The lungs are enervated and they cannot stand chill or heat. Lungs prefer moistness rather than desiccation. So when the condition is dry and hot lungs get hurt. When lungs' collaterals are hurt it comes to hemoptysis which is called "bleeding due to bolled heat" by Chinese medicine. Mulberry leaf has a cold character and works on lungs and liver. It is frequently used in traditional Chinese medicine such as Dushengsan preventing haematemesis. Sangjuyin curing cold and Sangmawan avoiding prematurely graying hair of yound person. Because of its unique function the mulberry leaf is called celestial leaf. In traditional Chinese medicine it is thought to have the ability of driving away evil heat and purging lungs. Keep on drinking mulberry leave tea for years and this definitely helps restoring one's lungs' collaterals. It does good to his recuperation of hemoptysis.

According to traditional Chinese medicine mulberries can benefit lungs and liver and even blacken hare. And you don't have to pick fresh leaves. Instead, you can go to drugstore to get frosted mulberry leaves directly. It works better. Mulberry leaves with frost on them are considered to be more functional. Of course you should consult doctors before the drug use to make sure whether it is suitable for you..