Treatment of Eczema with Chinese Herb

People say "The pain can not bring about death, but itch can", if the skin just itches occasionally, maybe it's nothing. However, the itch has been for 30 years, which can not been relieved even with various ways, on the contrary, it becomes more severe. You can imagine how suffering and distressing it is. Actually, we often hear this name, but we never consider it carefully. Do you think what the "damp" mean? On mentioning the "damp", we may firstly think of water, such as damp clothes or damp weather, the "rainy day" in south China or the "sauna days" is sultry sticky and highly humid, can our body also be "damp"?

So what on earth does the "dampness" mean? Eczema, how can one get rash due to dampness? Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) holds, six pathogenic factors that will make people sick include: "wind, coldness, heat, dampness, dryness and anger". Of which dampness has the similar nature as water. As the water makes people sick, we compare it to dirty water. What characteristic does dirty water have? First, it is flowing and holds downward flowing nature. Second it is sticky, besides, it is not easy to remove. "Dampness" in TCM actually refers to pathogenic factor that flows downward throughout the body with high permeability and is hard to get rid of. Waht's the source? It has two sources. One is from nature, like moist weather we mentioned earlier, etc. Men fall ill when dampness invades the body. Another source is from our own, due to the long term bad eating habits, such as excessive consumption of fat and greasy food, a lot of "dampness" will generate in the body. When permeateing into the skin, eczema will arise, suffering from pathogenic factor, and it can not be removed, besides, it makes one feel itchy. While some special food, such as seafood, mutton and goose, etc, are difficult to digest. They themselves will produce some sticky pathogenic substances, aggravate the "dampness" pathogen, resulting pathological changes and aggravate the disease. So Chinese food calls food with this feature "stimulating food". Dampness in the body is very difficult to get rid of, the ancients have a proverb which is put well like this: "coldness is easy to remove, while dampness is difficult to get rid of. Dampness is sticky and muddy, just like putting oil into the flour." To remove such stubborn dampness I am afraid just not eating mutton may not completely resolve, medicine is needed. The prescrition is based on our classic recipe, i.e. add and subtract dehumidifying weiling Decoction. Also add medicines that can preserve blood, activate blood circulation, dispel wind and suspend itching. It composed of atractylodis, magnolia, officinalis, seasoned orange peel, polyporus umbellatus, alisma, red tuckahoe and atractylodes, etc. In addition to itching suspendsion medicine, in fact, the most critical medicine is that with special efficacy. "Dampness downward", Chinese medicine enriches its theory from nature, general dampness pathogen invades human body, it is easier to attack the lower part of the body. The medicine (atractylodis, magnolia officinalis and polyporus umbellatus) is also with downward feature. Feces color has changed, this shows the downward efficacy of dampness pathogen. Dampness pathogen is removed, the major conlict is resolved, and the most important factor that led to his itching is removed. Therefore, his itching suspends along.

Infact, apart from eczema, the "dampness" is also the cause of many skin diseases such as athlete's foot, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. So Zhao Bingnan, founder of Chinese Dermatoloty once said: "treatment of eczema equals to partial treatment of skin disease." The medicine above comes from a common prescriptions of "dedumidifying" "Weiling Decoction" made by Zhao Bingnan. Although a number of medicine is involved, they have a common efficacy, that invigorates spleen and dehumidifies. Chinese medicine holds: "Spleen controls body trasport operation", spleen is an important hub in the virtal organs of the human body, which on the one hand ships food essence to the whole body, on the other hand it transfers dampness waste to the excretory system, so the transport capability of spleen is like absorptive capacity of soil to water. If the body's dampness exceeds capacity of the spleen, it is the same case as that too much water can not be absorbed by soil, and then spread all over the body. As a result, "dampness poison" takes form. So to eliminate dampness, the key is to strengthen transport capacity of the spleen. Here we focus on two kinds of medicine. One is rhizoma atractylodis, ancient medical books indicate: "this medicine can invigorate stomach, preserve spleen and eliminate dampness." It shows strong efficacy. Another medicine is Magnolia officinalis. Ancient medical books record: "dampness stasis accumulates and is hard to remove, dampness sputum accumulates is hard to clear out, the temperature of Magnolia officinalis can eliminate dampness. Its piquancy can clear out phlegm. bitterness can keep the advers qi flowing. With help of these medicines.