Food Diet for Aplastic Anemia (Problem with Bone Marrow)

The most common type of anemia is 'iron-deficiency anemia' which is caused by a lack of nutrients in the body. If nutrients are added, it will improve. But this aplastic anemia is due to a problem with the bone marrow's hematopoiesis function. The marrow was producing a great deal of deformed cells and could not manufacture enough blood. You could call it a 'false boom' of blood.

Aplastic anemic patients need to have their blood replenished. We often use some blood replenishing medicines like wolfberry, dodder seed, angelica and astragalus root, but these are not the key to solving the problem. This type of anemic can be explained by modern medicine as bone marrow producing non-conforming red blood cells, is explained by TCM as 'consumption', 'poison in the marrow' and 'failure of the bone marrow'. Thus, restoration of the failed bone marrow is the ony way to become less dependent on blood transfusions. And to restore the bone marrow, we need this small black seed, psoralea. Which is a type of legume seed. In 'Kai Yuan Record of Herbs' it records that it is 'used for strain of the five orgrans and seven kinds of damages, weakness and coldness and failed bone marrow'. Modern medical research has also proven that aside from restoring normal red blood cell production, it can also halt the production of deformed red blood cells. So we realize the importance of bone marrow. In the 'Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine', it is written, 'Bone marrow is fixed, and from it flows Qi and blood, which regulates the body's inner and outer functions. It can't be harmed by pathogens and keeps the eyes and ears healthy and Qi and blood normal'. So TCM health also places great value on bone marrow. In the 'compendium of Materia Medica' psoralea is also recorded, it is written that it can 'stabilize the kidney-Yang and enrich bone marrow'.

Here we recommend a food diet which is helpful to those people who get fatigued easily and find themselves without enough strength. Let's take a look at how this medicinal food is prepared.

For this medicinal course, you need

0.5 kg of Cattle spine (or bovine femur)
5 grams of Psoralea corylifolia
5 grams of Angelica sinensis
5 grams of Epimedium
5 grams of Astragalus membranaceus
5 grams of Codonopsis pilosula

(These herbs are in the 'Chinese Affinal Drug and Diet' list and allowed to be added into health care products in China. That means there are no absolute boundaries between many foods or drugs, they have been used safely by the Chinese people for thousands of years.)

There's an old saying of 'you are what you eat'. Ancient books recorded cattle spine as having an effect of 'strengthening the middle and replenishing the marrow'. Also, aside from psoralea, which enriches the marrow, there's also epimedium, which enriches the kidney-Yang and strengthens bones and muscles, as well as angelica, which can enrich and nourish blood.

The preparation for this medicinal course is: First pick out the marrow of the cattle spine (or bovine femur), then take the psoralea, angelica, astragalus, codonopsis pilosula and epimedium, as well as the cattle spine marrow (with the cattle spine together) and place them in a pot. After it starts to boil, use medium heat to boil it for 30 minutes, then add salt and decant into a soup bowl. You can make this soup and drink it twice a week.

This food diet is suited for those who are having anemia problem and easily fatigued. If you often have excessive internal heat or often sweat and are often constipated, then this isn't for you. Also, it's better if children and pregnant women do not take this.

Now we have put these materials into a soup pack and just put the cattle spine and the soup pack into a pot and make your soup easilly. You can buy this soup pack in ebay now. Please take a look here.