Treatment of Acne with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Our facial skin is fond of coolness but sensitive to heat. If the heat inside out bodies reaches the face. Problems of eczema and acne are more likely to occur. In order to solve these symptoms, the first thing to do is cool down the skin, clearing heat and detoxifying it. According to traditional Chinese medical science, honeysuckle is cold in nature, and is able to clear heat and calm skin. Another medicine has also been used - coptis root. According to traditional Chinese medical science, coptis root is bitter and cold in nature and is able to cure eczema and sores through external use. Applying these two medicines on the skin, will firstly feel cool. MOreover, plaster of paris is also needed. In terms of properties, the  plaster of paris is of a cold nature. In the "Essentials of Materia Medica", plaster of paris is described as being able to "promote tissue regeneration, sore recovery and mainly cure ucers and skin disease". Which makes it suitable for the sores and marks left by acne on the face. The plaster of paris will become hot after adding water, and boost the three medical ingredients' ability to permeate the skin and better perform their function. Finally, it will become hard so that you can simply remove it. However, peoblems will occur if you cannot properly handle plaster of paris. If you want to make a similar facial mask at home you can use the following method:

You need to prepare 20 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of wild chrysathemums,15 grams of forsythia and the compressed facial mask.

Put these ingredients into an earthenware pot, fill it with about 1,000 milliliters of clear water, boil for five minutes. Drain the liquid medicine into a container, soak a compressed facial mask in the liquid, press until it is half dry, and then apply on the face for 20 minutes.

Since the facial mask is so good, is it possible to thoroughly remove the acne by only applying this facial mask?

Usually, acne will appear on the face. If we don't pay attention to our diets. When that happens, we always say it's because of excessive internal heat, which is called stomach-heat according to traditional Chinese medical science. In addition, there is another "heat" which will often cause acne known as "Liver-heat". If someone with a great dial of stress in ordinary times, thus it is hard for him(her) to not be in a bad mood. And his(her) mood is even further affected by his(her) acne. In the long run, the liver-Qi becomes pent-up. Qi and blood doesn't flow smoothly or even becomes stagnant, resulting in some inflammatory pathogenic factors called "Liver-heat". Which grows upward. When his(her) rushes up to the skin, acne will occur. At this moment what we should do is purge intense heat with correct methods which focus on the two aspects of purging "Stomach-heat" and "liver-heat".

The prescription is derived from a classic prescription for adjusting moods with medical treatment: Danzhi Xiaoyao Powder. There are various kinds of medicines which each stabilize the liver-heat differently. Here I would like to mainly introduce two medicines: one is rose flower extract and the other is silktree albizia bark. Many people put rose flower extract into water to drink because it can release constraint on the liver. But for most insomniacs, doctor always adds silktree albizia bark into the medicine because it can soothe the nerves. For people who deal with large amounts of stress and are easily angered, we recommend a convenient method to prevent acne, which contains two medicines mentioned above. It is a cosmetic tea made from 10 grams of rose flower extract for soothing liver-Qi stagnation, 15 grams of honeysuckle for clearing heat and detoxifying, and 10 grams of silktree albizia bark for mourishing the blood. Put these medicines together into boiling water for three minutes, and it will be ready. This is not only suitable for women but also for men.