Wax Treatment in Ancient Chinese Medical

In the 'Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine' there is the saying 'heat those who are cold and cool those who are hot.' In other words if one is cold, heating methods should be used to change that. As far as that is put into practice in treatment. There are many external methods like heat compresses smoking, steaming, soaking and more. Using wax is a fairly unique treatment method. It is recorded in the 'Compendium of Material Medica' that 'Take two pounds of wax melt it in a wax container and mold it into a helmet which can fit the head. Place it from the forehead to the top of the head and the disease will be immediately dispelled.' What this means is that after the ancient Chinese people melted the wax they molded it into a helmet and put it on the head in order to treat headaches caused by wind and cold pathogens. This make full use of waxis ability to be molded and retain heat. It can be seen from this that wax can be used in treament since ancient times. Later it was also used in folk medicine. In order to strengthen its effects we can add other Chinese herbal medicines. This wax treament looks easy, for common pain that is cold in nature sweling numbness and pain in the joints or muscles which is caused by wind or cold pathogens, we recommend a method for relief which is sager wasier and easier to perform on your own. Why don't we learn how to do it?

First we need to prepare nine types of Chinese medicine.

30g Viciaamoena
15g Notopterygium root
15g Pubescent angelica root
20g Angelica dahurica
30g Cinnamon
20g Safflower
30g Zedoary
30g Corydalis yanhusuo
30g Teasel root (dipsacus root)

These medicine can be divided into two categories. One part is medicine which clear wind and cold pathogens and the other part is medicine which invigorates blood and clears stagnation. The medicines which clear wind and cold pathogens include viciaamoena, notopterygium root, angelica dahurica and cinnamon. The medicines which invigorate blood and relieve pain include safflower, corydalis yanhusuo, zedoary, and teasel root. You will also need anon-woven fabric or gauze bag. Put the viciaamoena, notopterygium root, angelica dahurica, cinnamon, safflower,zedorary, corydalis yanhusuo and teasel root all in the bag and close the bag tightly. Before placing the bag in an earthenware pot used for decocting medicine. After the medicine has soaked for 30 minnutes, set the temperature to high and boil for one hour. After it is finished boiling dump the medicine broth into a basin with a towel already placed inside. We can wring out the towel and apply it to the affected area. Also we don't want to waste the medicinal bag in the pot. After shaking off the water place it on the top of the towel to heat up the affected area. When the water is no longer hot you can place the affected area in the bain to soak.