Strengthen the Constitution of Weak Bodies in WuHan

This sort of long whip was once a type of 'cold weapon'. It can be often be seen in Chiese martial arts. But it is known by various names. Some call it a 'great-grandfather whip'. While some call it an 'ancient emperor whip'. The local WuHan people refer to this activity as 'cracking the divine whip'.

'Whip the stick of incense raised towards the sky, and whip the black dog to make it lie. Wrap the whip around the head to mourish the brain and wrap the elbows and stomach to keep oneself free from pain. Wrap the whip around the waist and clear wach of the three Qi types, pick up your step at the Fenshui to act as a good poultice.' This is a folk rhyme about whips. Which also discusses the effectiveness of praciticing with whips. While this exercise seem to only move the arms, when the whip is being used, one must send their power down the whip to the very tip. The person exercising must begin to use their strength from their stance with their legs, then turn their body and twist their waist in order to exert their strength to their arms. This is a process of the power continually nesting and surging. Only with this base can the nested power quickly expiode at the ends of the arms. And this sort of twisting of the waist and movement of the wrists can exercise the entire body's muscies and joints. A long period of performing this exericse one setp at a time can help to strengthen the constitution of people with weak bodies.

However if you would like to try out this type of long whip we would like to remind you to consult a physician to see if it is an appropriate exercise for you. And secondly, it's best to learn from someone who understands what they are doing so you don't harm yourself or others. Thirdly, we'd like to remind you that when you are practicing to it far away from a residential area in a remote location so you don't disturb others.